9497326440 Info

  • Phone Number9497326440
  • CompanyT-mobile Usa
  • StateCalifornia
  • CityIrvine, CA
  • CountyUnknown
  • Prefix732
  • Area Code949
  • UsageUnknown

9497326723 USA Telephone Phone State > California 949-732-6723, Irvine, CA, Unknown

Irvine, CA



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posted by Shawn in Phone Number 2015-01-26 10:48:10

Held received calls 3 4 called three times a day the 1800 number someone so gracious for us found.I asked the person who answered the phone who they were he responded with efficient lending.  I said then why they keep my phone constantly calling?  He noted for it that we buy was seemed to a refinancing of a Hypothek.Ich explains first of all I m not shopping around.  Period.  So I just just a refi.  I then declared that there was no way in hell that I would ever do business with a company that still and not let A FRICKEN message at least 1 better than none would.And secondly I again don t they do work business with someone that sounds from their homes or on a cell phone.  Nor one that I search for a number only to find out who the hell they are he said it was the auto dialer bla bla bla... I told him no sh t and get out and if you want that customers it professional.  You admit who you are and how they re not hiding errors.Otherwise I ll now everyone say that efficient lending must only try use too ignorant or helpless.   Asked me what I happens when I knew 80 better.told he should take me from the list and supposedly he right then and there.This should be illegal in any way.They get a handle on the so called auto dialer before they get themselves into trouble.

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