9497061434 Info

  • Phone Number9497061434
  • CompanyCox California Telcom
  • StateCalifornia
  • CityNewport Beach, CA
  • CountyOrange
  • Prefix706
  • Area Code949
  • UsageLandline

9497068957 USA Telephone Phone State > California 949-706-8957, Newport Beach, CA, Orange

Newport Beach, CA



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posted by Jacquelin in Phone Number 2015-01-23 05:58:01

I have about 2 calls per day for a few weeks and decided very bored one evening mind you that ID play the game...I cried and cried with my unlimited minute mobile private set of course until someone finally yay fun picked begins.  First I was polite and asked of their list deleted be explained I was the do not call list and the lady told me that I have them sent email training information with my phone number and name.  I have so little yet so after a short quarrel which she said shed take me from the list I said that you you don t need to do my number or name? and she hung up on immediately. LOL. Dont mess with this hormonal pregnant woman so I called them back again and again after you about my 60 times to call and they to wonder whether She interested about learning from customer service skills they apparently lacked I grew bored and leave to work Dialer.  I set it up so that the phone they every 45 sec and hang once connected would call. She told her the Dialer report says it confirmed 297 related calls take Hehehehe that Lisa Lisa to name a few.  Same again because you treat people with respect and you get it if you don t get that back 10 fold.This is a tele marketer and accused for this gets most of them so when BORDOM hits you and you have unlimited after 7 or 21 00 there is a Cali series so theyre operational lmao some fun to have.  I have and am still Giggleing about

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