9496821305 Info

  • Phone Number9496821305
  • CompanyGlobal Crossing Local Services-ca
  • StateCalifornia
  • CityLaguna Niguel, CA
  • CountyOrange
  • Prefix682
  • Area Code949
  • UsageLandline

9496826709 USA Telephone Phone State > California 949-682-6709, Laguna Niguel, CA, Orange

Laguna Niguel, CA



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posted by Kerry in Phone Number 2015-01-21 23:23:44

I received one of these calls today evening itself.  Person named Larry Owens with a strong Indian accent speaks goes on to say that they will download criminal complaint against my social security number.  When I pushed he tells him information that I obtained a loan in October 2005 for 750.00 and never a payment.  He wanted no money not exactly he wanted me to do that I would be arrested and that I should get a lawyer.  As the call forward stating he is prepared to prevent me that me going to jail.  You have a copy of my credit report before them and see I have many payday loans.  I have and all were paid.  He was trying to tell me I owe you 1684.00 including late fees legal fees etc.  When I tried to get information about the loan he said that the company obtained the loan out was US national.  I have no memory of this company.  None of the payday loans I have received over the years even almost 750.00 will be deposited.  When I pushed him he told me that they never received not a payment.  He wants me to believe that is a financial institution in the habit of people to borrow money and then wait 2 1/2 years before they start to hunt them down.  He told me that I am not the only one.  How do they stay in business???  I have to admit the thought of them call my employer is a bit embarrassing but I know that I owe the money.

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posted by Nolan in Phone Number 2015-01-20 02:37:28

I was contacted in the workplace. She was just called as I the phone in the break room to eat lunch. Needless to say I was scared to death because the man I told Indian also spoke with sound that if I the amount not numbers I supposedly American dollar owe 1600 that my case be downloaded and I arrested after 11 30 on Monday. After stating that I don t know where they all get this information from him and to say that I immediately tried to pay everything he divided bargaining w / me and 3 payments. When I asked me be faxed I said giving owe and who I just the money he owes he could send me a receipt only once to make a payment. So he clearly understood my request. Prison sounds scary to everyone had so obviously annoyed I almost fucking panic attack at work chest pain and all and I went home early because I know that I this day would provide. I work with patients in a hospital and not close to tears and panic throughout the day. These people really are shit. I m filing a police report and talk to a lawyer. These people need to be shut down

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