9088188636 Info

  • Phone Number9088188636
  • CompanyLevel 3 Communications
  • StateNew Jersey
  • CityBelvidere, NJ
  • CountyWarren
  • Prefix818
  • Area Code908
  • UsageLandline

9088183905 USA Telephone Phone State > New Jersey 908-818-3905, Belvidere, NJ, Warren

Belvidere, NJ

New Jersey


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posted by Courtne in Phone Number 2015-05-20 04:05:09

I get at least 10 15 calls per week including this 908 number. I talk with a man with authority a call on my cell VM OIT. Identified as the drug enforcement administration DEA what?. Claimed that I was under DEA federal investigation. Call on his name and his strange P number which I wanted to before they have had issue an arrest warrant. First shit I almost my pants let you mean woman who heard it but none of us knew WTH it comes to went. Then I told myself I had nothing wrong that I have known no shady characters in more than ten years. I looked at the info and found out that it was a major fell for countless people. FBI said if they choose a user/drug dealer she may fall for a bribery scam thing that you know they are guilty. The scammers to collect history public arrest and targeted those with recent drug allegations. I had several pot charges 20 years ago. I called the number P he gave me and let him to use his BS story. I played with and he wanted me to Western Union U.S. dollars 2000 shorter long story I him till american dollars 500 in 4 advise. Then I laughed him asking his badge number and what was the Office of. He was so pissed that he began swearing and crazy on me. I had his address by reverse lookup and said In the call to the local police and give your information which is a serious offence. He hung up before I finished some Felony.A saying months later another one with the same exact DEA was called. The second guy I reported the FBI after I got his VM he claimed he who was the DEA and a lv msg pls. They give a s not even believe me they don t care to scammers. I practically begged the agent to call only the P number. I doubt that they did.

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