9087316980 Info

  • Phone Number9087316980
  • CompanyAT&T Local
  • StateNew Jersey
  • CityPlainfield, NJ
  • CountySomerset
  • Prefix731
  • Area Code908
  • UsageLandline

9087312846 USA Telephone Phone State > New Jersey 908-731-2846, Plainfield, NJ, Somerset

Plainfield, NJ

New Jersey


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posted by Kately in Phone Number 2015-05-19 11:54:03

After the visit of all posts here and listen to other peoples problems with this scam company the I honestly feel that something needs to be done. I moved to Kansas City about a year ago and that s when the calls started. I ve never ordered pronographic material and have no idea why they call me. They call my home number call my cell phone. I have the national call not for more than a year. I asked her to remove me from the list. I asked for a copy of their do not call as well as a copy of their do call do not list them you the question to deliver. You have entered no such documents. They call every line at least four times a week. Ive had it. I ve been doing for research and have discovered that if the do no call list and demanded that they take you from the list of each time they call it one American breach of american dollars 500. You break federal law. I plan small claims on doctor visits Court here in Missouri. Unfortunately the limitation which is only american dollars 3 000 but lawyers Office receives the States about 90 000 complaints about telemarketing every year. They re swamped and the chances are that nothing will be done. So my small would be at least a small victory for me. When we together were at all band it is quite possible that we can file a class action lawsuit. I would of course like to hear what others think about it. We must stop their ridiculous bullying.

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