9085810317 Info

  • Phone Number9085810317
  • CompanyCellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
  • StateNew Jersey
  • CitySomerville, NJ
  • CountySomerset
  • Prefix581
  • Area Code908
  • UsageCell Number

9085815244 USA Telephone Phone State > New Jersey 908-581-5244, Somerville, NJ, Somerset

Somerville, NJ

New Jersey


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posted by Isabel in Phone Number 2015-05-13 18:15:36

I ordered anti antibiotics online pharmacy in summer 2007. I started received phone calls from an unknown number several times a day from 14 00 to 6 pm EST. I finally answered and it was asked an outsourced call centre I if I m the person who asked you yes say what they wonder whether I want my recipe to renew... I wonder what they re talking about about it remind me of my order in the year 2007. I wonder if they know what is Amoxicylin? She said yes... I said why do you think I would need to renew 3.5 years later my recipe. I asked be removed their computers and never call back. They said she would have my on call number list but it takes 14 days to transfer me to the no call list and that I always still wouldn t call until then... I did and ignored for 2 weeks... You went way for about a month... Then last week I got calls from 801 505 0324 and I ignored them at first. They came at the same time and frequency as the unknown numbers so I finally answer. She asked if I was the person she asked again from an outsourced call center and I said yes. Then put them on. She called back the next day to at about the same time and I answered again and she said nothing just hung up... Now I get a call from 908 581 today 0317 and I ignore that call again as soon as I ignore the call. I answer this time and I hear the noise of an automatic system to connect the 10 second then I hear they hang on... I tried the call back numbers but they are separated or call only numbers so no luck for... Its really off to me for nerve... Let me know if anyone finds out how to stop it I would appreciate it

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