9084690995 Info

  • Phone Number9084690995
  • CompanyCablevision Lightpath
  • StateNew Jersey
  • CityElizabeth, NJ
  • CountyUnion
  • Prefix469
  • Area Code908
  • UsageLandline

9084699903 USA Telephone Phone State > New Jersey 908-469-9903, Elizabeth, NJ, Union

Elizabeth, NJ

New Jersey


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posted by Lindsa in Phone Number 2015-05-09 22:54:18

Just called me but because I know not me on the answering machine the number waiting to act... laid before it activates.         Saw a few things in the forums about this caller and am with them even facilitate the nuisance factor however habit completely to stop the calls. Hopefully this procedure for all of you work.         The land line see if you can run a block on your phone line for numbers into place. These numbers would of course be the scammers which you do not want to hear.           I have on my phone system two ways a anonymous caller no phone number OR name shown scammers locked private I them use of 77 on my mobile it you directions how to give will continue to block. If there is someone that is serious they will leave a message on my answering machine.         Telephone numbers calling on the screen to show is the other option and you accept them as cheaters or see the numbers on forums like this to see if they block I call 60 and instructions to follow.         If I have a new number rings through then I have one of the earlier numbers delete and replace it with the latest as this a system only about 10 accepted at the same time.         Now place the mobile phone number nuisance in directory store contact & gt contact & gt new work & gt leaves you to phone number and save. Now go to the phone number & gt options & gt contact info & gt standard ringer & gt change & gt and choose No. WRESTLER. Now when you In the call not bothered because I don t hear it.          Of course it responds not these calls but In the no longer interrupted and been frustrated by them. Also I ve noticed that the old numbers which I have been replaced with the new numbers seem to be infrequent in my future calls dropped them from the scene.         Hope this helps take some of the frustrations

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