9084455488 Info

  • Phone Number9084455488
  • CompanyPaetec Communications
  • StateNew Jersey
  • CityRoselle, NJ
  • CountyUnion
  • Prefix445
  • Area Code908
  • UsageLandline

9084459608 USA Telephone Phone State > New Jersey 908-445-9608, Roselle, NJ, Union

Roselle, NJ

New Jersey


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posted by Nathaniel in Phone Number 2015-05-05 17:36:46

Also the scammers have me too. Were the emailing and Texting for over a week. His so called family took a puppy from my photos and supposedly sends me a cashiers check. This is what he sent to me so you can be aware how far this man go amounted to you... He has 2 862 234 9775 also figures. I want the puppy on the 3rd image am very interested in your young dog like me am your puppy at my pet and I garden in my house. am OK with the price of your puppy.    am married with 2kids 9 & amp 11yri would like to inform you that the cashier check via FedEx and note is that the amount on the payment instructions are sent excess funds US american dollars 2050 which will include my shipper means cause its from the State for the delivery of were that.  I email them the tracking as soon as I sent the payment and I responsible for the broadcast have cause I get a reliable carrier for pick up and also the rules for shipping via airlines I ll let you know when I find my delivery so you send him the remaining additional funds for him to his way up to our place and the puppy will be delivered and the used cars which I bought in your position you need to help a health certificate from your veterinarian of the American dollar costs 50 and I am sure that it is also for the puppies he also buy crate toys and cloth please reply me ASAP you will receive this message so I can be sure we reached an agreement thanks and God bless wrong what he does to people. I advertised in the SacBee. Hope someone and do something to stop this man.  Thanks to all of you

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