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  • Phone Number8138824549
  • CompanyVerizon Florida Inc.
  • StateFlorida
  • CityTampa, FL
  • CountyHillsborough
  • Prefix882
  • Area Code813
  • UsageLandline

8138826648 USA Telephone Phone State > Florida 813-882-6648, Tampa, FL, Hillsborough

Tampa, FL



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posted by Madeline in Phone Number 2015-03-15 05:27:38

A man without a professional telephone skills asked for the man who runs the plant. I asked whether he meant... and gave the plant manager name. He said yes so I transfer the call. He told the Manager he called precision or Premier pkg. and lighting co. and wanted guaranteed us 4 years 4 or 8 fluorescent light bulbs and they sell could ship a half box now as an example at a really affordable price. Our managers agreed a ordering thinking I was aware of this man and his company and that it our regular bulb vendors we usually in order. The guy wanted to COD but which managers said that we pay by check within 30 days. You guy don t even require an order number or have a purchase order number or phone number. Plant manager had not thought to wonder what it would cost this guy or get a number name and phone number. I said the Manager then not the name of the company which we ordered lights out and it all lazy sound and I think that he has cheated. We looked it up and there are Simular scams on the Internet all come from an area code 813 series in Florida. I hope that we don t get these lamps and a huge bill. Hopefully we can reject them if they come ups or fed ex.

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