8138685280 Info

  • Phone Number8138685280
  • CompanyVerizon Florida Inc.
  • StateFlorida
  • CityTampa, FL
  • CountyHillsborough
  • Prefix868
  • Area Code813
  • UsageLandline

8138688210 USA Telephone Phone State > Florida 813-868-8210, Tampa, FL, Hillsborough

Tampa, FL



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posted by Shawn in Phone Number 2015-03-14 03:45:39

I have about two calls a day from this number on my cell phone for receiving over the last two weeks.  Before today I never answered nor was always leave a message.  I decided today to answer that because I was sick of the calls and had every intention of giving them a piece of me.  A gentleman identified as calling on behalf of IGM or international global marketing although he stumbled over themselves when I asked what is meant by IGM.  He told me that I had entered in a competition because I held a valid credit card.  I said he needed to remove me from the calling list that I had received numerous calls from this number.  He then proceeded to threaten him in a very unpleasant way to say.  I was horrified.  I said I was not interested you have to remove me.  He said that is fine but not to threaten me.  If I wanted to threaten him I would have a whole lot more when that s said.  These people who the hell they are disgust me. In the sure that if we all had gotten further in the conversation he d have have asked for personal information to my confirm sweepstakes entry. I would not recommend the phone to this number except when you want to ruin your mood.

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