8138634031 Info

  • Phone Number8138634031
  • CompanyMetro PCS
  • StateFlorida
  • CityOdessa, FL
  • CountyUnknown
  • Prefix863
  • Area Code813
  • UsageUnknown

8138638734 USA Telephone Phone State > Florida 813-863-8734, Odessa, FL, Unknown

Odessa, FL



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posted by Addison in Phone Number 2015-03-12 16:41:02

Tonight I called the number 011 234 813 863 4031.And someone asked as I speak Bruce placed me on me he was answered home after they aked me to who I was.I told the Lady I was a friend from Canada and when they hung me up. I pressed the Redial and not in the position to get through only an answer machine. I don t understand why its number is not traceable. It still really hurt and I will not rest until he knows how much he hurt me. This is the wrong woman to fuck I m calling every day until he answers me. I honestly his number called every night waiting for him to answer I will be a constant reminder. If you like me a single hard working MOM can you someone result not.By the way when we first starting in the chat he was from Bedfordshire England. And was a civil engineer who have a contract for the construction of houses in Nigeria. So your comment about him was from Nigeria will miss communications on my end. Bruce Ryan Stephens is his full name and he has still this number. These scammers are very convincing and tell you everything you want it s almost like they are in your soul to hear. So please do not anticipate to do it is really a terrible ordeal to go through.Bruce scammed me out of 5000 00 which was garnished from numbers. After a month of 250.00 recorded make it a little hard to get by yah should so he must be remembered.                                                                     Thank you for your time.

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