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  • Phone Number7705980427
  • CompanyNew Cingular Wireless PCS
  • StateGeorgia
  • CityAtlanta, GA
  • CountyDekalb
  • Prefix598
  • Area Code770
  • UsageCell Number

7705981192 USA Telephone Phone State > Georgia 770-598-1192, Atlanta, GA, Dekalb

Atlanta, GA



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posted by Nicola in Phone Number 2014-12-18 19:52:06

I got a call from Primerica as well although the caller initially not have given the company. Mind you I have 11 years experience in the insurance industry has a Bachelor s degree and no one is the setting for this sector. The opportunity seemed too risky. No one calls me back I gave it a try I had nothing to lose and was in desperate need of income so I have taken the interview part.Three weeks later I have my GA State insurance was license for all paid I had to cover my fingerprints and background check american dollars 99. In three weeks I put a small block of the clients. The income declared them American dollars is american dollars 1 200 1 500 which is only three weeks later in the month about right. I have received nationwide a lot of calls Zürich from other agents for me in their team StateFarm. But why should I when it was not the time of day and wanted to spend 2 000 plus out of pocket for a license to US dollar?This option is not for all Primerica work but you have to work for. In the go for my securities license so that I can do financial planning and to do presentations at various companies and organizations. So I went to get my degree in the first place. I m no recruiters and no you get to do a phone call from me which I do not recruit. This is just my input and my experience.

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posted by Mark in Phone Number 2014-12-18 11:53:16

I went to a meeting lately... a while ago that there was no job for an opportunity but it was a large group of people for an introductory meeting.  I had first from a person who said she had that been contacted regional Vice President and they found my resume online. I... never done a mechanical engineering turnover in my life but the person on the phone was so excited that I decided what the heck if I can really make a difference that much money go bad.    I had american dollars 199 non U.S. american dollars 299 or pay 99 US dollars in listed I would not take advantage of previous posts but I could be a lot of money but only to the Commission. And Yes we are encouraged to sell to our friends and family.  I suppose if you angry a lot of people you make much could sell and make money want to but I was not be missed other real jobs to this one after the meet... even though I was told I was part time and make 6 figures. Oh and my Commission amount was after the people above me in the company has their share. Perhaps no fraud by legal definition but not an ideal job or even a good. Glad that I don t waste money and my time bothered.

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posted by Amber in Phone Number 2014-12-17 07:12:24

I am so sorry for all of you. How do you make a decision without facts???? And how to make a decision after 1 day. I know I saw this opportunity many people have started with nothing and now their families are wealthy. Anybody hear posts here is a trailer. Leading his and your own decision after visiting a few training sessions. Would not read how many insurance companies do not pay death claims of the families of the victims of the 911 and then to read read like Primerica as the most 6 figure income earners no. company IS PERFECT would they be then you all jobs search. Technology is not that to catch your friend in this case ignorance is. If after the training and visit not for you then not be for you and more. Dont go rub your experiences to others which have the potential to their families living just because you can do to change it. Not everyone s thing is McDonalds people but nor does it work. Good luck to all of you. I wish you nothing but success. You will be successful with or without you.

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posted by Robert in Phone Number 2014-12-14 20:23:26

I received a phone call from Ryan Cabrillos 714 469 6747. He left me a message that ask me whether I was interested in an informal conversation and order him to call back. There he gave me only I was not able to find something which resembled a company the name of PFF. So I decided super early call back and see what their voice recording mail sound like and could provide no additional information. As I phoned 6 45 actually answered I m Ryan asked him where I find out could go online more info about this company and he directed me to the New York Stock Exchange Web site and he claimed all the information here would be provided. Then he asked that me at 13 00 for an informal interview come in but since I was no longer available I asked whether I could plan some time in the early morning and said Monday again call so that he could be planning what I was odd because usually something ahead of time plan don t wait to ensure a better chance at availability. Anyway a lot of things seems a bit off so I decided to seek advice from the forums and landed here and now its clear is a species of fraud thank you Internet just saved me even some time and gas money and trouble to avoid

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