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  • Phone Number7705744321
  • CompanyBellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA Southern Bell Tel & Tel
  • StateGeorgia
  • CityTallapoosa, GA
  • CountyHaralson
  • Prefix574
  • Area Code770
  • UsageLandline

7705741356 USA Telephone Phone State > Georgia 770-574-1356, Tallapoosa, GA, Haralson

Tallapoosa, GA



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posted by Angel in Phone Number 2014-12-14 11:12:18

An old complaint read end a few weeks ago I had added one week at work 2 or 3 calls from this number.  When I answered they explained they are a roofing company in Sandy Springs and offered a free roof inspection to check whether wind and hail Schäden.Zu know that we have no hail in my neighborhood during the recent storms while working in the area of Canton I was suspicious but they had still come.  After 15 minutes they showed me wind was a new roof damage to what I thought at the age of 4.I put them on my insurance and a VG adjuster came days later.  GA shingle offered to meet someone that have proved invaluable with the adjuster for the inspection.  The VG man would not agree that he has been damaged pointed to the GA gravel type specific damage.  At the end the insurance pay for a full replacement.  Three weeks later I had a new roof.These guys provide a great service. Counting you not on your insurance you say that you have damage.  His joke to think I they pay every month for 8 years to insure my house against damage.Very decent company a rating w / BBB for good reason. I m sorry that I complained primarily about it.

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