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  • Phone Number7705544422
  • CompanyBellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA Southern Bell Tel & Tel
  • StateGeorgia
  • CityAtlanta, GA
  • CountyDekalb
  • Prefix554
  • Area Code770
  • UsageLandline

7705546239 USA Telephone Phone State > Georgia 770-554-6239, Atlanta, GA, Dekalb

Atlanta, GA



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posted by Brayden in Phone Number 2014-12-12 07:39:16

It s funny that you endure this here because I just got the same call because some 15 checks that were written on a closed account the account at the time closed was not it was comprimised so I had to close it I actually bad check program that covered all these checks and a few more went through the State of Iowa and to prevent any more than american dollars 600 the fees paid and had a bad testing class... It sucks the sum they tell me is little more than 300 dollars wrote the biggest check I was american dollars 40... and they will say that I have to pay them about american dollars 4 000 and that she spoke with a Chris McCready on Casey s and she says they don t work with the poor States check program which is also ticket... I was called have to Ms. McCready on Casey s and someone else on the phone because she was Apperantly busy or on the phone then when put me to her voice mail it was an embarrassing voicemail automated not real persons voice which I would not recommend something to pay until something in writing or with a lawyer in sprechen...kein collection agency know you I warrant officer and oddly enough when they were talking about this classification has an arrest warrant Division Hmmmm but had the same last name as me gave me their first name

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posted by Caroline in Phone Number 2014-12-11 10:10:03

This company is a scam Yes. I know that. Hunting on older people those from other companies who wrote the checks to cheated has. They will say that they work for the State which is a lie. Also they are threatening are legal or say something about a bad check guarantee. Do not buy a lie they are actually those that are illegal. The test I was supposedly guilty of actually checked not bad. Once I said gave them this info the call was disconnected. You go to the right figure. Please contact your laws and look at where this company is being sued is public info. Dont give them your money time. All you have to do is call a lawyer and they will tell you the same. If your cheque is a returned check can be found with that to buy companies not in this at all. Moved they are often to avoid your company is served with court documents and give it to you what that makes their physical address not throw the red flags? Do your research people Google this company and the truth will be there. Please do not believe that they are all liars and cheats. Period.

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posted by Vincent in Phone Number 2014-12-10 09:24:08

I informed me that criminal proceedings be initiated if I today do not call them Hey a call July 3 2012 by gateway retrieval.  About user checking that I had written back in November 2009.  I had a stop payment on the check when I found out that the company was a false company.  They claim that I have the account which the importance have been written to check a closed account I out that account had closed.  The account is still valid from at the moment.  They also claimed they had all our account information and they will take further action.  I did two things I called my lawyer and emergency PLUS my husband and I m waiting for a reply on my went to our Bank and explained our situation and she helped us really close out to check and savings account and so on.  Then they helped us to open a new checking/savings account with a new account number etc..  I m not a risk that I am still on from my lawyer hear.  Note If you have no paper or documentation that you or someone the victim to be very careful of those.

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posted by Kelsey in Phone Number 2014-12-08 19:29:00

It is plain to see that you really kinda busy or involved with this company.  It is sad that this person uses information concerning the above referenced problems.  Seem as if all my mother about a cheque was contacted which is sometimes up to 4 years old.  The national check scam Center these controls is not paid on an account of the beneficiary within 10 days of receipt and make sure that more than 180 days old not to be prosecuted.  Establishing a prima facie case the Bank needs a few of the many requirements that need to be made are stamp or otherwise record the check the reason for his disgrace and upon return of the cheque by the Bank send a message of the manufacturer who will drive the check via registered mail after 10 days from the time to wait for the notice was sent and no answer to the nearest magistrate in the County continue the exam was written and charge to bring 30.00 service charge for the examination as well as an American dollar.  Note that your really each check the fĂĽr the payment and is is more than 6 months old No. obliged to pay the BANK.  You can to refuse to pay the Bill and be protected.  I will my mother scam file a complaint with our county Department and will be filing charges against the company.  This is extortion and harassment.  They are threatening people in jail on audits that less than american dollars 100 which most people do not write or your bank records of an audit you know better what you get to see us in court.

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posted by Mckenn in Phone Number 2014-12-08 10:42:22

I can not recently had an office phone line installed in my house for business reasons and believe that the number of the telemarketer and scam calls I got 48 hours. Its like the telephone company my number out each attorney on the Earth given and dinner rang. I received a phone call from 770 554 4422 of one evening with very serious sounding recorded female voice says I immediately had to call about a case which involved me but with no other information on who called the name of their company etc...and so on. I googled the number and found the number belonged to an alleged debt collection service to the gateway call. Because I still no check off since I was 18 and have excellent credit I monitor every month and since the call on my business line that I ve only given to business partners I strongly suspected it was to call bait fishing for people so they can their amounted to try. I found quickly many Internet blogs confirmed my suspicion of fraud mentioned this company and their tactics. Needless to say your VM on a case in which key delete me the good old number7.

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posted by Dere in Phone Number 2014-12-07 01:24:47

If you live in the State of Georgia by law can legally no criminal file charges against they arrest if it has lasted 2 years and if it not a crime. Bill collectors may not call and threaten or harass you either I received approximately two tests by 2005 threatened calls from this company is crazy now 2013 I was enough they threaten me leave and strong arm in numbers over 400 for a check for less than 20 that I found out that I had written already paid they wanted then to collect another which already paid it was not attempted listening to you that I had already clarified the matter. You re little blood suck out the liar ripping people off. I have contacted lawyers for advice on this subject that I have talked to judges too ready to me with the laws and regulations on this subject provided. This company is located in Loganville GA which is Walton County spoke with lawyers and legal workers in this county who have heard of this company. The police has also reports they are not able to settle this company seizure because there are so many different addresses for this company. You have tried three times already that I could determine that it published its records can goggle. Let not these people for you and your family to do what me once done and tempted them with me make

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