6129730000 Info

  • Phone Number6129730000
  • CompanyQwest Corporation
  • StateMinnesota
  • CityMinneapolis, MN
  • CountyHennepin
  • Prefix973
  • Area Code612
  • UsageLandline

6129738540 USA Telephone Phone State > Minnesota 612-973-8540, Minneapolis, MN, Hennepin

Minneapolis, MN



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posted by Chlo in Phone Number 2014-12-16 11:27:03

I got a call from this number and I was afraid to answer them. After reading some of the comments here glad I did not. It could be a scam of some sort have been I would have fell for it and lost lots of money. I don t know what you are doing now. Should I have connected my phone DIS and a cell phone? Would they get is still my number? How can I protect myself from these people? I have answered not my phone for about two weeks now. I know not what to do is. I want I am writing letters to people in contact to get because I do not want this scam allowing people talk to me. Meanwhile fear In the that she could read my mail. The postman sees he can be one of them. My neighbor was attacked by the Mailman s dog last week. Why should a postman to bring his dog with him? I m just wondering if his dog has something to do with all these calls from this phone number. Maybe that s why they leave no message. In the this to turn over the CIA FBI. Something here going Fisheye and Live In grief fear.

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