6128085670 Info

  • Phone Number6128085670
  • CompanyPeerless Network Of Minnesota
  • StateMinnesota
  • CityMinneapolis, MN
  • CountyUnknown
  • Prefix808
  • Area Code612
  • UsageUnknown

6128087817 USA Telephone Phone State > Minnesota 612-808-7817, Minneapolis, MN, Unknown

Minneapolis, MN



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posted by Sarah in Phone Number 2014-12-20 10:42:02

This is a downright was for the purpose of identity theft. This same crime ring Group calls 3640 also by phone 714 408. You have also the credit card scam Los same Rachel same routine. Because it is nationwide & now outside of the United States in the UK I decided amp you call the FBI to give them this huge identity theft ring to notify. Many of us have tried the local law enforcement etc. not call FCC. without success. By the way some people were already on the list do not call & amp have anyway calls. It seems no matter what phone company youre with. It seems that they request blocks of numbers and so far it seems to be mostly cell numbers. Some figures the scammers called never were awarded because they were internal use only phone numbers within a company. Another was a Govt Agency. If youre curious more people have these people say there is a good 9 pages as ...nur follows with this same Web site 800 notes... Enter the phone number714 408 3640. I reported also at this phone number & amp is trying to give a good summary of all complaints by all nine pages. I m also PacNW on that one also. Can they hope the FBI raids which makes them & amp out of business I also that local news alert not to drop people for her was notified. The man said he would be in a position they trace back to the source & amp notify law enforcement authorities as well as.

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