6125683484 Info

  • Phone Number6125683484
  • CompanyLevel 3 Communications
  • StateMinnesota
  • CityMinneapolis, MN
  • CountyUnknown
  • Prefix568
  • Area Code612
  • UsageUnknown

6125682099 USA Telephone Phone State > Minnesota 612-568-2099, Minneapolis, MN, Unknown

Minneapolis, MN



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Caller Type: Unknown
posted by John in Phone Number 2015-02-16 20:44:08

Most of the comments here are FROM the scammers! My god, people - look at the GRAMMAR!

Bottom line - deal LOCALLY! If someone wants money from you to "ship a pet" or whatever then provide them the name/# of a reputable 3rd party shipper and insist that the transaction is done through them. And (surprise) they will lose interest! Or better yet, tell them "great I'll be over tomorrow to pick up the dog/cat/parrot - give me your address". And that will be the last you will hear from them.

DONT be stupid and Don't EVER EVER give your personal info to anyone on the Internet.

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