4807174914 Info

  • Phone Number4807174914
  • CompanyNew Cingular Wireless PCS
  • StateArizona
  • CityPhoenix, AZ
  • CountyUnknown
  • Prefix717
  • Area Code480
  • UsageUnknown

4807173911 USA Telephone Phone State > Arizona 480-717-3911, Phoenix, AZ, Unknown

Phoenix, AZ



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posted by Drew in Phone Number 2015-01-26 10:54:27

FYI I forward the message up to 9999 and received a response body say sorry the text you sent can be processed. Text help to 9999 manage your block list to learn. I received the message from the scammers/Phisers said that JPMorgan & amp prepaid service customers frozen hunt. Please I do not call at 480 717 4914.Of course they call a Chase don t have prepaid nothing.Sprint responded later need help text to 9999 instructions. Then a later text to allow text block help or assistance or list or help help spam up to 9999 detailed instructions. I texted help 9999 and get this ReplyTexting block the sending of SMS block & lt sender & gt blocks. Example block 5555555555. text channels for more channels help formats. Next Sprint reply told Channel 10 digit number|shortcode|email address|email domain. e Mail is a special sender block or allow all e Mail messages used.I sent message TextBlock 9099 to 9999 and text received a response text message from 9099 are for now just blocked fun I then texted list block up to 9999 I guess that a message received text... I had 3 blocked senders and it will list all of them.We hope that helps everyone. It was the info I do not to this day.

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