4807074006 Info

  • Phone Number4807074006
  • CompanyTeleport Communications Group - Phoenix
  • StateArizona
  • CityPhoenix, AZ
  • CountyMaricopa
  • Prefix707
  • Area Code480
  • UsageLandline

4807071123 USA Telephone Phone State > Arizona 480-707-1123, Phoenix, AZ, Maricopa

Phoenix, AZ



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posted by Hop in Phone Number 2015-01-24 08:28:12

They are idiots and will try my best in the future extended by anyone assigned to avoid GE Money credit me.  You call every day and every hour and you have a lot of numbers which by the calling as well as a ton of sites including of course India.  You hardly ever leave a voice mail and if the number recall a lot of time you can t get through.  Like other posters said they like to hang up on people and are very rude.  Their task is actually call as often as possible to annoy you to pay a Bill.  I ve changed so many get these calls from companies so finally my number like this in the last few years on a daily basis and no one is able to figure it out or look up.  I gave only friends family and companies that I know and trust.  Who else asks me for a series and is not satisfied until they get a phone number I give my old number.  I get to know the satisfaction they will not receive non affiliated able to contact me again and when they call my old number not in service message.  In the seven months since I ve done this I only got 2 calls from telemarketing... for a big difference

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posted by Diana in Phone Number 2015-01-23 16:08:58

Call several times a day even on Sunday. Sometimes they leave a msg sometimes you don t. You always ask for Linda Wilson. Yesterday I had enough. I replied and said it gives the Indian accents man my number to remove not Linda Wilson here. Hey Apolagized and said that he would. NEXT day two calls again. I answered finally. I talked to HELEN explains that the SAE thing and told her my number should be removed. I asked to speak to Manager NANCY with her that I went back to say as In the call with harassment and there is no Linda Wilson here and I am a complaint submit because this is wrong. And I should not be bothered Certainlly on a Sunday I asked for her direct number so in this case again I can call because Ive been told twice now this matter is done. I told her In the reporting and I hope that she sued and shut down I was so angry that she can t give me their number only a 1800 number which I said no I want your number. You call me several times a day you want me to call questions for someone who still doesn t live here several times a day. SHe Appolagized several times and despite my total disrespect it was manners. This is crazy.

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posted by Max in Phone Number 2015-01-22 09:07:40

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