4806593618 Info

  • Phone Number4806593618
  • CompanyCox Arizona Telcom
  • StateArizona
  • CityChandler, AZ
  • CountyMaricopa
  • Prefix659
  • Area Code480
  • UsageLandline

4806595638 USA Telephone Phone State > Arizona 480-659-5638, Chandler, AZ, Maricopa

Chandler, AZ



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posted by Isabel in Phone Number 2015-01-18 05:26:54

Robert B. trusts nobody but nobody got a few sentences the I me 1 2 keep keep a secret a dead is 2 the best kept secret which pays no one. 3 in G d that we say trust everyone else you cash. 4 people behind the curtain or Govt assets according to rather belongs in plausible deniability5 can t check out the window not Internet mail text communication is monitored by it. 6 and read by NSA Black Widow probably more advanced now and software probably hold more advanced thin line is hidden now. 7 getting your assets/equipment/parts/tools. for a rainy day or maybe not necessary @ time. 8 playing on the perimeter of the fence not over the fence with the Gesetz.Und probably half a dozen other expressions that since I was incarcerated Federal Republic I keep that to myself.And that s it. and probably have the ability if your capital of Govt? I write to me on the computer than In the typing would actually like that better than you and see your people behind the curtain.But in any case peace P.S. is Jonathan Pollard a false traitor and idiot like I seen @ Butner FCI NC and he just how I see it might have been spying and the penalty for what he did.

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posted by Parry in Phone Number 2015-01-17 13:14:19

I m constantly getting calls from this number they never leave a message.  However I was for the first time which I did I was so sorry that I did not.  You speak English very well.  You are from India or maybe even in India with the English name... yeah right.  They tell me they are an attorney in an Office of lawyers and I owe US american dollars 250 I Cash Advance America borrowed supposedly at some point in 9/2010. What I never did.  They said that I needed to call my lawyer and I must to the Federal Court in Orange County.  I ask for an address that they hang themselves on me.  Called several good many different numbers that told me same thing they are Attorney and if I pay the 250 not them I m very tired and will end up about 79 000.  No joke.  I told him he was an idiot and he called me a B h.  That I have a really big yet this am.  They call me all the time with different numbers.  I called back a number that said they were a lawyer and you answered Cash Advance America.  I wanted to speak with a Manager or a supervisor and every time if they are in a meeting and not for several hours.  I asked for their status bar number that they hang themselves on me.  It is so annoying.  I just want it to stop.

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posted by Angelica in Phone Number 2015-01-16 02:43:49

I m so tired of calling like this the messages do not leave and once they also not prompted.  A while ago my phone and my husband rang answered and nobody would talk until he began she shouted and tell no longer call their ignorant ass. I just came home from the hospital and I need this aggravation not.  He told them that he will sign it for the call.   He said they do not know that the English language and they must back where they came from if they do not speak English and are comfortable to demand representing a business I turn them in the FCC the FTC that fbi and the BBB is quite handy that the line is always occupied and no one can recall maybe we should give you a dose of their own medicine and they call in the late hours of the night or the early Hours of the morning and she wakes up.  This number is somewhere in Arizona so that 3 hours behind me.  I had someone else call from Arizona and has called as I reported him to the company he worked for out of his house. Since I signed him I have not heard back

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