7734039864 Info

  • Phone Number7734039864
  • CompanyUnited States Cellular Corp. - Illinois
  • StateIllinois
  • CityChicago, IL
  • CountyCook
  • Prefix403
  • Area Code773
  • UsageCell Number

7734034143 USA Telephone Phone State > Illinois 773-403-4143, Chicago, IL, Cook

Chicago, IL



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posted by Evelyn in Phone Number 2015-03-14 12:26:46

We had a similar situation a few numbers.  the man first said that he was James during the same call that he changed his name to Steve Parker.  A woman called three weeks before and links one number that we tried but it was a wrong number.  He said it was his wife who had bought our ring for american dollars 85 during the transit.  She tried to call us why we call back etc.  He did not back wondering why we call.  He wanted to send american dollars 22 up somehow with him he was a long haul trucker and was always on the road that a resting place but we could not hit him.  I was behind him and called him on it a little that we keep track of the number and come to find him scared him.  Finally he got very angry and said we couldn t do anything for him but he quickly hung and afraid now runs.  Hold call him again on this number it day and night call and we get questions where we can meet him for him James Steve Parker 618 580 capitals.  Also by a number773 named 507 5307.  Now call him the lousy scamming loser.

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posted by Rache in Phone Number 2015-03-12 20:00:57

I stole a few things out of my garage including golf clubs pressure washer compressor. Saws etc.  I put an ad in the newspaper San Antonio the next day and a man with the telephone number 773 403 called 9864 me this afternoon saying that he was a truck driver.  He said that he have bought some of these devices by a single person at a gas station in San Antonio and that he is now in Oklahoma City and the stuff would mail back to me.  He calls back and said the costs amounted to US american dollars 78 until it ship back to me.  He said he had paid not the American dollar 78 but his friend in St. Louis named John Houston the shipper with his credit card and he wanted me to go to Western Union and send the money to his friend in St. Louis.  Once confirmed he would before and send it.  I have unfortunately know that it could be a scam.  This guy had the courage to me the next day to call back and arrange me a message that he send to me for other friends to some of the other equipment was left behind.  Of course I responded back caution this telephone number 773 403 9864 the idea of truck drivers and the request do not send money for shipping.  It is a scam.

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